As the Ecclesia of Jesus, we ought to stand up for the Jews and defend them when an injustice has been done to them. VanillaDazzle is a Jewish woman accused of harassing users in chat on Khan Academy Wiki, while she herself claims to have been harassed. The following report is the (ongoing) investigation that I, AChildOfGod, have done to see if the claims against her were true or not.

As a former chat moderator who stepped down prior to this, VanillaDazzle (VD) was banned permanently on 2/13/16 for harassing and overall behavior for the previous two months prior to her ban. She made many complaints about injustice. I have decided to look into this and see what truth there is. The following is my research.

The Situation

She was made featured user on 12/11/15 along with BananaRamba on Khan Academy Wiki (KAW)[1]. Then she was officially the featured user for February (she was notified by Tariq Jabbar, who is also known as TJ) but was banned on the 13th of the same month [2][3].

On the same day and the next day, VD blocked HMcCoy (HM) on the wikis that she is/was an admin of. These wikis are Khan Academy Wikia (KAW) (both wiki block [4] and chat bans [5], the chat ban was on the 13th and the block was on the 14th), Khan Academy or Scratch Wiki (KAOS) (only a block, no chat bans), and (however on Feb. 21th instead of the 13th) on KA Users Wikia (KAUSERS) (block only [6]). VD is an administrator of KAOS [7] and KAUSERS [8]. On the Khan Academy Chat Wikia, she, who was a former administrator, has also been blocked [9].

The Claims

Against VanillaDazzle

Many multiple incidents led to her being banned. A confidential dialog was the last straw, says HM, beaurocrat of Khan Academy Wiki. The ban log says she was banned until 12/31/3010! This was set by TibetPrime (Tibet). HM said "[S]he was not banned for one specific incident, but rather for her general behaviour in chat, other wikia, and emails over the past two months. None of these by themselves are 'bad enough to get her banned' but rather the general defiance against the Bcrats, inappropriate solicitation from new users, general paranoia of other users, and age inappropriate jokes and references indicate that she is not a good fit for the community." While VD claims to have been harassed by HM, it appears she has acted inappropriately on the Wiki. However, HM doesn't give any evidence that shows VD's actions in the chat room. Also, private emails and actions at other wikia should not cause one to be banned. Her "general defiance" is supported by merely claims. Such is the case with most of the claims. The confidential dialog is being withheld from anyone except administrators [10]. HM has not complied very well with this investigation, but claims to willingly comply if the Wikia staff were to investigate this.

Among those who were supposedly harassed by VD was Porkintosh Studios, ...

Also, HM has posted, reluctantly, his side of the story of after VD was banned. [11]

For/By VanillaDazzle

VD claims that HM has harassed her, and when she complained about, she was banned. She created KAOS, as was advised in a blog post about handling bad beaurocrats on Community Central [12]. She also created a new wiki, VanillaDazzle Wiki, which is used to defend her position.

The Evidence

The Irrelevant Evidence

There are many possible shreds of evidence that if misinterpreted or taken out of context or twisted, would "prove" VD guilty. However, when the evidence is looked at properly, they may seem irrelevant.

Such is the case with an email between VD and Metallic Makarov. An image taken of it shows that she wants to take down a wiki [13]. This was assumed that she wants to attack KAW, but when asked about, VD said it was KAW she was talking about and the "taking down" meant she wanted to do better than it. This makes more sense than her attacking the wiki.

Evidence Against VD

I decided to interview those who were harassed by VD to see what they had to say. One of them, ThePorkIntoshStudios, who goes by Pork, said that they sent a report about her to a Guardian. It may be Sponge.Jr, but honestly, we don't know for sure. Pork said I was asking too personal questions, which is against his wiki's rules (We talked on his wiki).[14]

I also got a chance to talk to HM about the evidence against VD. He refused to post it on a thread I provided on my wiki (Ecclesia of Jesus Wiki), with excuses of respecting VD's privacy and not wanting to talk badly about her in public. Of course, this would not work in any normal court. So we talked in the chat room of multiple wikis. The complete transcript can be found in the reference of this paragraph. The following paragraphs are the evidences that HM supplied along with why he considers them as evidence. [15]

Evidence For VD

I had the chance to discuss VD with the person who banned her: TibetPrime. In our interview, when asked he said that he believed VD was not guilty.[16] TibetPrime had posted a message of VD's wall offering to unblock her on KAW [17]. She has not yet accepted that offer, for as of now she does not care if she gets unblocked or not now that she has KAOS.

Other Wikia

Khan Academy Wiki isn't the only Wiki she is blocked/banned on. She was blocked on Khan Academy Chat Wiki with the reason being "Intimidating behaviour/harassment: Parent's orders and removal of drama." This was done by EytukanStudios on March 19th, 2016.[18]



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